New blog (a.k.a. the most creative post title ever)

Hey Internet,

finally, I had the time and motivation to install a  blog – planned this since a long time. I am doing a lot of tinkering on the side, plus working with Linux etc… Well, as I profit tremendously from what all you people out there published, I thought it’s only fair that I give something back. So this is intended as a loose collection of “projects”.

Over the next week I will (re)post mostly old projects. Edit: I discovered that I can back-date posts. All posts published before this post will be content I moved from my old site – so don’t be surprised about bad formatting and the like. Additionally, all these posts will be in the category ‘old site’.

Happy tinkering!

2 thoughts on “New blog (a.k.a. the most creative post title ever)

  1. Please could you pass a request to enable me to PM brandycmc. I think he resides in the UK as I do. I am following the PE2900 fans topic.

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