Moving code to GitHub

GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system.

I am slowly moving most of my projects to GitHub. GitHub is great because people can easily collaborate, fork, submit issues and patches and so on. Additionally, stuff gets shared in an open and unified way, making it much easier to others to find and reuse existing code.

I started with the firmware hack of the Dell PowerEdge BMC:

See here for the post explaining what it’s for.

Site’s not dead…

…even if it appears to be the case. We had to move twice over summer, which kept me well occupied. Additionally to that, various projects on the site and at work demanded full time commitment – and then there’s also that PhD that wants to be finished one day. Well, whatever, it’s winter now and I am injured so at least the sports (or the lack of) leaves me a bit more time.

Long time no see

I have been away for a while as I attended a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). For those among you that do not know, Permaculture is basically the art of hacking natural ecosystems in order to make them run without our constant intervention while still being productive.

Although many talks where related to gardening and agriculture, there was substantial amount of time devotes to sustainable construction: talks about alternative energy, eco-construction, water treatment and similar topics. If I ever get the time, I will post some of the things I saw/tinkered with.

For now, check out Hack a Day’s latest feature run, sustainable hacks!

New blog (a.k.a. the most creative post title ever)

Hey Internet,

finally, I had the time and motivation to install a  blog – planned this since a long time. I am doing a lot of tinkering on the side, plus working with Linux etc… Well, as I profit tremendously from what all you people out there published, I thought it’s only fair that I give something back. So this is intended as a loose collection of “projects”.

Over the next week I will (re)post mostly old projects. Edit: I discovered that I can back-date posts. All posts published before this post will be content I moved from my old site – so don’t be surprised about bad formatting and the like. Additionally, all these posts will be in the category ‘old site’.

Happy tinkering!